OFFICIAL NFL TEENYMATES Tagalongs Backpack Bag Clip Keychain Team

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Product Overview

TeenyMates are the ultimate 1" mini-collectible NFL figures and are now available as a tagalong! Now you can take this smash hit collectible wherever you go!

This listing is for 1 Officially licensed NFL TEENYMATES Tagalongs. 

These are approximately 4.5" long from top of lobster clasp to bottom of figurine.

These tagalongs feature: a lobster clasp, a keyring, and the 1" NFL TEAM TEENYMATE of your choice.
**NOTE** Please Note you will get the a Teenymate figure, but style is not guarenteed as they change these figures from Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Wide Receiver, Linemen, Etc..


(No reviews yet) Write a Review