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Four of the Best Additions to Your Man-Cave For the Super Bowl


With the Super Bowl coming up on February 7th, most football fans are trying to decide where to watch the game. Bars are likely going to be busy, getting a drink or bite to eat will be pretty difficult there. Most restaurants aren’t set up to make watching the game fun or easy, sure you can probably get a seat and good food but at least half of your party is going to be craning their necks around to watch the biggest television event of the year. A man-cave offers the best option when it comes to the big game: Drinks and food are usually in abundance without a wait, and it should be a comfortable experience for all.

Planning on hosting the guys for the game this year? Consider sprucing up your cave with a few sports novelties to impress your guests.

1. Fathead Decals –Inexpensive and easy to display. Fathead decals can go on a wall, pool table or really any flat surface. They make it easy to display your favorite team anywhere in the room so your guests know whose house they’re in.

2. Scarves - A European tradition. Placing the scarf of a team above a bar signifies who the home team is. Time-honored for a century, a team scarf is a very classy and traditional way to show your teams’ spirit.

3. Team Throws – A blanket that covers the couch is a must for entertaining guests. It can catch crumbs and food, and it’s a lot easier to wash than a couch itself. Best of all it displays your love for your team bigger than almost anything else money can buy. It’s especially worth it to watch your buddy bundled up in his rival team logo when he gets cold.

4. Dart Boards – Entertaining a group of guys for a few hours is a difficult task. Darts are pick-up-and-play but not time-sensitive, so you can throw during the ads and not be distracted while there’s action on the field. Something to do that’s still team-oriented can be the difference between “let’s do this every year” and “thanks for the snacks”.

So there you have it: a few easy ways to get your man-cave ready for the best night of football all year round. Of course, everything you need to spruce up your space and more is available at Sportsamerica Sports Cards, as well as plenty of sports cards for sale. So what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.sportsamericasportscards.com/ today to get everything you need for a great Super Bowl night.

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