The Best Sports Collectibles to Add to Your Fan Cave

5th Jan 2016

If you’re into sports novelties and collectibles, chances are you have a room in your house dedicated to sports memorabilia. You have valuables, game used items, framed pictures, jerseys, fat heads, posters, and sports trading cards filling the room. All surrounded by the logo and colors of your favorite team.

You collect and grow your fan cave, always looking for that next item to include. It’s about tradition, it shows fandom, and it brings nostalgia as the years pass. Show off team spirit with unique collectibles that make your fan cave stand out.

The next time you’re shopping for memorabilia and collectibles, add these novelties to your collection.


You want high-quality figures that look just like your favorite player. Finely sculpted for the devoted collectors, McFarlane manufacturers the best and highest quality of figurines to appear lifelike and stand out on your shelves. We have all your favorite players from around the sports world, and Collectors Edition Chase figures, allowing you to place these products on your ledge next to your other memorabilia.


You’ve seen them in every store, and in every window of memorabilia shops. Vintage signs with a saying and logo serving a unique function to your fan cave. Use the signs to add an authentic feel to your room.


Display the pennant with many different imprints. From your favorite team in the conference or in the country, there are plenty of options to help you get the most of your memorabilia.

Applique Banner Flags

Fly the flag in fan cave to make sure all who enter know where your loyalties lie. Applique Banner Flags are premium, double-sided (they read correctly on both sides) flags designed to hang wherever the superfan chooses.


Any respectable fan cave should be adorned with memorabilia, pictures, and anything else that exudes a cave-dweller’s passion for their team. But shouldn’t it also include the fan cave owner’s favorite player? Make sure the company you keep includes your favorite player with a fathead!

Approved and officially licensed, you know you’re getting quality products. Browse our selection of novelty memorability and collectibles the next time you want to add a piece to that collection in your house. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.